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Jom Heboh

Canopy Rental Johor Bahru (JB): Working with Jom Heboh

Canopy Rental Johor Bahru (JB): Elevating Jom Heboh at Puteri Harbour

The Jom Heboh Carnival, a dynamic festival initiated by Malaysia’s TV3 station, has been a staple of Malaysian culture since its inception in 2003. Known originally as Sure Heboh, this event is designed to promote TV3’s products and brand while fostering community spirit and local commerce. Held annually, Jom Heboh has evolved into a major gathering, drawing attendees from across Malaysia eager to partake in a variety of activities and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Jom Heboh has significantly grown over the years, becoming more than just a promotional event for TV3. It has transformed into a vibrant festival celebrating Malaysian culture and community. This carnival features an array of attractions, including engaging games, live performances, and competitions that offer enticing prizes. These activities are not only fun but also a means for families and friends to create lasting memories together.

Showcasing our Work at Jom Heboh

Canopy Rental in Johor Bahru (JB):

For the Jom Heboh event, we provided an array of high-quality Arabian Canopies complete with platforms, ensuring all vendors and attendees remained comfortable regardless of the weather. These canopies not only added to the aesthetic appeal of the event but also enhanced the overall functionality of the setup.

Modular Canopy Solutions in Johor Bahru (JB):

Our modular canopies offered flexible, spacious accommodations for the event’s multiple activity areas. These structures were essential in organizing the space efficiently while providing ample shelter for performance areas and seating.

Electrical and Technical Support:

To ensure that all activities ran smoothly without any hitches, we provided comprehensive electrical support, including power points for vendors and technical setups. Our team was on-site, ensuring that all electrical installations were safe and met the event’s power requirements.

Elevated Platform Installation:

For Jom Heboh 2022, we also provided elevated platform solutions designed to enhance the experience and comfortability for the vendor across the venue. The use of elevated platforms addressed any potential issues related to uneven ground, ensuring that all activities could proceed without interruption and that every guest and vendor enjoyed a comfortable environment.

A Partnership to Remember

It was an honor to collaborate with TV3, a leader in Malaysian television, to bring the Jom Heboh Carnival to life in Johor Bahru. Our involvement in this prestigious event underscores our commitment to supporting local businesses and entertainment initiatives through our comprehensive event service offerings.

The Jom Heboh Carnival at Puteri Harbour was a resounding success, drawing crowds from all walks of life to celebrate under our canopies. As we look forward to future events, William Exhibition remains dedicated to providing top-notch canopy rental and event services in Johor Bahru, ensuring every festival and gathering is a hit. If you’re planning an event and need reliable canopy rentals, power solutions, or event furniture, consider William Exhibition—your partner in creating memorable events.

Our Event Services:

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