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Tables & Chairs Rental in Johor Bahru

Marquee Tent with Tables & Chairs
Plastic Chairs
Ocean Theme Tables & Chairs Decoration
Cocktail Table with LED
Canopy with Chairs
Jati Chair VIP
Opening Ceremony Setup
Plastic Chairs with Cover
Red Plastic Chairs
VIP Sofa
Flat White Plastic Chairs
Table Top 3x6 with Plastic Chairs
Opening Ceremony with Chairs

Tables & Chairs Rental in JB

We have a large selection of excellent quality and affordable table & chairs to fit the needs of any event. We provide tables and chairs to meet any event needs and variety of selections to meet any event needs. Our tables and chairs is carefully wrapped with high quality fabric cover and ribbon, it will make your events looks great. Moreover, you can choose variety of colors that fit your event theme. These are some of our best seller:

  • Round Table
  • Banquet Table
  • Cocktail Table
  • Plastic Chair
  • Banquet Chair
  • Garden Chair
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