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DHL Opening

DHL Johor Bahru Gateway Marquee Tent Grand Opening


The unveiling of the DHL Johor Bahru Gateway marks a significant milestone in the company's expansion journey. As a key player in the global logistics industry, DHL's new state-of-the-art facility promises to bolster its express shipping services across Southeast Asia. William Exhibition Sdn Bhd had the privilege to contribute premier event equipment to the grand opening ceremony, ensuring a memorable and seamless experience for attendees.

The Elegance of Air-Conditioned Marquee Tents:

The event ambiance was elevated by the presence of air-conditioned marquee tents, offering a sophisticated and comfortable space for guests and dignitaries to gather. With their transparent design, these tents provided a unique opportunity to enjoy the surroundings while staying sheltered from the elements, creating an atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

Arabian Canopy Rental: Adding Flair to the Occasion:

Say goodbye to the worries of unpredictable weather. Our air-conditioned marquee tents ensure a pleasant atmosphere throughout the celebration. No matter the weather, your guests will be comfortably seated, enjoying the festivities without the discomfort of extreme temperatures.

Elevated Platforms for Elegance and Practicality

Worried about damp or uneven ground? Our marquee tents come with elevated platforms, offering a flat surface for your guests to walk and dance upon. This not only adds an extra layer of sophistication to yourevent but also ensures that guests remain dry and comfortable even if the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Reliable Equipment and Technical Support:

William Exhibition Sdn Bhd ensured the smooth execution of the event by providing essential equipment such as generators, platforms, carpets, stages, and banquet chairs. Additionally, our expert technical support team ensured that all electrical and technical aspects were meticulously handled, guaranteeing a seamless experience for organizers and attendees alike.


The grand opening of the DHL Johor Bahru Gateway was a testament to collaboration, innovation, and success. As a trusted partner, William Exhibition Sdn Bhd takes pride in contributing to such significant milestones, delivering premier event equipment and support services. Together, we celebrated the beginning of a new chapter in DHL's journey, setting the stage for continued growth and excellence in the logistics industry.

Our Event Services:

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