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Anime Fest at Paradigm Mall

Shell Scheme Booths Power Anime Fest at Paradigm Mall​

Shell Scheme Booths Power Anime Fest at Paradigm Mall

In September 2022, Paradigm Mall will transform into a vibrant hub of Japanese pop culture as it hosts the eagerly anticipated Anime Fest. We at William Exhibition are excited to announce our partnership in bringing this dynamic event to life. Known for celebrating the rich tapestry of Japanese animation and its global influence, Anime Fest will feature an array of activities including cosplay competitions, exclusive merchandise sales, anime screenings, and much more.

Anime, a captivating art form that has sailed far beyond its Japanese origins, together with cosplay, a creative expression where fans don elaborate costumes to embody their favorite characters, are the highlights of this festival. These cultural phenomena continue to capture the imaginations of fans worldwide, leading to an increasing number of dedicated conventions and meetups across the globe.

Our Role at Anime Fest:

Shell Scheme Booths Rental
in Johor Bahru (JB):

Our top-quality shell scheme booths are the foundation for vendors at the event, offering a professional, organized space to display a wide array of anime-related merchandise. From action figures and t-shirts to collectible keychains, our booths ensure each vendor’s products are highlighted in an attractive and accessible manner.

Event Electrical Wiring:

To accommodate the high-tech needs of Anime Fest, from lighting displays to electronic payment systems at booths, we provide comprehensive event electrical wiring services. Our skilled technicians ensure that all wiring is safely and discreetly installed, supporting uninterrupted power supply throughout the event.

Event Carpet and Carpet Installation:

To enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the event space, we supply and install high-quality event carpets. These not only elevate the visual appeal of the venue but also contribute to the overall thematic experience, making the environment more welcoming and engaging for attendees.

The Vendor Experience:

Vendors at Anime Fest can expect more than just a spot to sell their merchandise. Our shell scheme booths come equipped with essential plug points and a sleek, modern design that makes setting up shop quick and efficient. This setup allows vendors to focus more on interacting with fans and less on logistical concerns.

Shell Scheme Booth for Anime Festival

Anime Fest at Paradigm Mall is set to be a landmark event for anime and cosplay enthusiasts in the region. We are thrilled to support this celebration of Japanese culture with our dependable shell scheme booths and event services. Whether you're a vendor looking to showcase your merchandise or a fan eager to dive into the world of anime, Anime Fest promises an unforgettable experience filled with excitement, creativity, and community spirit.

Our Event Services:

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