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Marquee Tent Solutions for National Training Week (NTW) in JB


The Majlis Pelancaran National Training Week (NTW) 2024 at Southern University College in Johor Bahru is a significant event marking the start of a week-long series of training activities. Organized by the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), this event will take place on June 24, 4 and will officially kick off NTW, which runs until June 30. William Exhibition is proud to support this event with our comprehensive range of event solutions, ensuring a seamless and impactful launch.

Event Solutions Provided:

Aircond Marquee Tent:

To ensure comfort and sophistication, we provided air-conditioned marquee tents for invited guests to enjoy their meals. These tents offered a cool and comfortable environment, protecting attendees from the heat while maintaining an elegant ambiance. The spacious interiors and effective cooling systems made these tents ideal for dining and networking activities.

Marquee Tent Johor Bahru:

Our marquee tents were a key feature of the event, providing robust and versatile shelter for various activities. These tents are designed to withstand different weather conditions, ensuring that the event could proceed smoothly regardless of the weather. Their flexible layout options allowed for efficient space utilization, accommodating large groups comfortably.

Modular Canopy with Aircond:

We provided modular canopies equipped with air conditioning to create a comfortable environment for guests. These canopies are perfect for various event needs, offering flexibility and ensuring attendees remain cool and comfortable throughout the event. 

Arabian Canopy:

We also provided high-quality canopies to create additional covered spaces. These canopies were perfect for informal gatherings, refreshment areas, and information booths. Their sturdy construction and elegant design added a professional touch to the event setup, making sure that all aspects of the event were covered.

Shell Scheme Booth:

As a trusted shell scheme booth supplier, we provided customized booths for exhibitors and training providers. These booths were designed to offer a professional and organized space for showcasing training modules and interacting with participants. Equipped with essential amenities like plug points and lighting, our booths ensured a conducive environment for engagement and learning.

Banquet Chair Rental:

To cater to the seating needs of the attendees, we supplied comfortable banquet chairs arranged in front of the stage. These chairs provided a clear view of the stage activities, ensuring that participants could enjoy presentations and performances comfortably throughout the event.

13amp Powerpoint and DB Boxes:

A seamless power supply is critical for any event. We provided comprehensive event electrical wiring solutions, including plug points (13AMP) and distribution boxes (DB boxes). Our reliable electrical setup ensured that all equipment, including air coolers, 13amp powerpoints, and other event equipments operated smoothly without any interruptions.

Stage Installation:

We installed a professional stage setup for the event’s various activities and performances. This stage provided a stable and elevated platform, ensuring high visibility for presenters and performers. Our stage installation included all necessary rigging and safety measures to ensure a secure and effective setup.


The Majlis Pelancaran National Training Week (NTW) 2024 at Southern University College in Johor Bahru was a resounding success, thanks to the comprehensive event solutions provided by William Exhibition. Our air-conditioned marquee tents, canopies, shell scheme booths, banquet chairs, reliable electrical setups, and professional stage installations ensured a comfortable, professional, and efficient environment for all attendees.


What benefits do air-conditioned marquee tents provide for events?
Air-conditioned marquee tents offer a cool, comfortable environment, protecting attendees from heat and enhancing the overall event experience.

How do your marquee tents enhance event settings?
Our marquee tents provide robust, versatile shelter, withstanding various weather conditions and offering flexible layouts for efficient space utilization.

What is included in your shell scheme booth setup?
Our shell scheme booths include carpet, tables and chairs, plug points, and lighting, providing a professional space for exhibitors and training providers.

Why are banquet chairs important for events?
Banquet chairs offer comfortable seating for attendees, ensuring they can relax and engage comfortably during sessions, networking, and dining areas.

How does your event electrical wiring setup benefit organizers?
Our comprehensive electrical setup ensures reliable power for all event equipment, facilitating a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

What are the advantages of your stage installations?
Our stage installations provide stable and elevated platforms for presentations and performances, ensuring high visibility and safety for all activities.

How do modular canopies with air conditioning enhance events?
Modular canopies with air conditioning provide flexible, cool, and comfortable spaces, perfect for various event needs and ensuring a pleasant experience for all attendees.

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