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shell scheme exhibition

Festival Usahawan Nusantara 2023


Step into the vibrant world of Festival Usahawan Nusantara 2023 (FUN 2023), where entrepreneurial zeal meets innovative brilliance. As your dedicated exhibition contractor, we are committed to transforming spaces into dynamic showcases. With our comprehensive services, your exhibition journey is poised to be seamless and triumphant.

Shell Scheme Booth Installation: Realizing Your Vision with Precision

Our expertise lies in transforming spaces with precision. Our booths are customizable in size and affordability, ensuring your brand shines at FUN 2023. Experience seamless exhibition solutions designed to leave a lasting impact.

Professional Plugpoint, Electrical Wiring & Distribution Board Installation: Empowering Exhibits

A reliable power supply is the cornerstone of a successful exhibition. We expertly handle plugpoints, electrical wiring, and distribution board installations, ensuring a stable electricity flow throughout the event. Your exhibits will shine brightly, attracting visitors with their well-lit displays.

Carpet Installation: Comfort and Elegance beneath Your Feet

Strolling through the exhibition should be a delightful experience. Our expertly installed carpets not only offer underfoot comfort but also enhance the overall ambiance. Whether vibrant or subtle, our carpets are tailored to seamlessly complement your exhibition space.


Embark on your exhibition journey at FUN 2023 with confidence. From shell scheme booths to dependable electrical solutions and reliable electrical event solutions we are your partners in creating memorable exhibition experiences. Join us in unlocking new opportunities and forging thriving partnerships. Experience exhibition excellence with our seamless solutions. Welcome to a future of boundless possibilities and successful collaborations.

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We provide the best service to our clients by listening to them and understanding their needs, then acting as their trusted partner in a relationship of confidentiality and respect. If you ever face any issues, we are just a call away.

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