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Making UTM Career Carnival a Resounding Success – A Recap of our Role as Main Contractor

Making UTM Career Carnival a Resounding Success - A Recap of our Role as Exhibition Contractor

We are thrilled to share our experience as the main contractor for the University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Career Carnival held at Dewan Sultan Iskandar on 14th and 15th June 2023. This prestigious event, organized by the UTM Career Centre, provided an exceptional platform for students to enhance their skills and professionalism while engaging with various companies.

Creating a Seamless Exhibition:

As the main contractor, our role was pivotal in ensuring the smooth execution of the UTM Career Carnival. We took charge of several crucial aspects to create a conducive and professional environment for both students and participating companies.

Designing Functional Spaces:

Our team expertly provided shell scheme booth setups, allowing companies to showcase their offerings effectively. We meticulously laid carpets and marked out the floor, ensuring a visually appealing and organized exhibition space. Additionally, we facilitated the seamless installation of plugpoints, electrical wiring, and distribution boards to cater to the technical requirements of each booth.

Attention to Detail:

We understand the importance of creating a professional ambiance, which is why we offered tables and chairs rental to ensure comfort and convenience for both exhibitors and attendees. Moreover, our backdrop and truss rental services added a touch of elegance and branding to the event, leaving a lasting impression on participants.

Ensuring Success:

With our extensive experience as the panel contractor of Mid Valley Southkey, we brought our expertise to the UTM Career Carnival. Our skilled team meticulously planned and executed every aspect of the event, ensuring that it ran smoothly and seamlessly. By coordinating closely with the UTM Career Centre and other stakeholders, we delivered an event that exceeded expectations.

Entrance Arch installed with Truss:

At the UTM Career Carnival, we left no stone unturned in creating a memorable experience for visitors. Our truss rental service, complete with foamboard printing and installation, was ingeniously transformed into a captivating entrance arch. This eye-catching structure not only added a touch of grandeur to the event but also served as a clear marker, guiding attendees to the heart of the carnival. It was a visually striking way for visitors to instantly recognize and feel welcomed as they arrived at the event.

Being part of the University Teknologi Malaysia Career Carnival was a fulfilling experience for us as the main contractor. We are proud to have contributed to the success of this student-led event and provided a platform for students to develop their skills and interact with potential employers. As a trusted contractor with a commitment to excellence, we look forward to future opportunities to create exceptional event experiences.

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