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Marquee Tent Rental

What is Marquee Tent: A Complete Guide for Marquee Tent Rental

Marquee tent is a large tent made of aluminum frame and high quality canvas. The “A” shape roof or known as the pitch roof serves to keep the rain water away, and protect your wedding guests from the sun and rain. It is tied with numbers of iron stake that is pinned into the ground, to ensure its safeness and stability. The tent is This tent has a sturdy structure and can accommodate up to 80 people comfortably.
Step 1: Choose your Marquee Tent Size

For Marquee Tent, we have several sizes for you to choose from.

  • 16ft(L) x 30ft (W)
  • 16ft(L) x 40ft (W)
  • 16ft(L) x 50ft (W)
To choose the perfect size of your marquee tent, it depends on your venue size and event agenda. If you need assistant on these information, you can contact one of our experienced sales agents.
Marquee Tent Measurement guide
Step 2: Choose the Canvas

We have two canvas to choose from, one is our original canvas and the other one is our transparent canvas. We highly recommend you to choose our transparent canvas. When it is installed with fairy lights, it provides the perfect ambiance and effects to make your event looks more magical and grand.

** Only 10ft x 20ft and 20ft x 20ft is available for Transparent Canopy.

Marquee Tent Rental
Step 3: Choose the Colors of the Scallop and Pole Liner

Canopy scallop and pole liner is one of the most important aspects of a canopy. It helps make your events match with your event theme, colors and decoration. We have all sorts of colors to choose from. (Check the pictures below) subject to availability.

You can choose up to two colors (Double Scallop & Pole Liner). Additionally, you can add on underlay and chandelier to make your a marquee tent with a more modern look.

Canopy Colour Range
Step 4: Additional Event Equipment & Decoration

Depends on your events and occasions, you may need additional event equipment & decoration. For example, if you wish t to have some place for guests to chill, you may add high cocktail table. These are the lists of items you can add on for:

  • Tables (Rectangle & Round)
  • Chairs (Plastic, Banquet & Many more)
  • Cooler Fan
  • Industrial Fan
  • High Cocktail Table (with/without LED)
  • LED Light Cone
  • Portable Speaker with 2 Mic
  • Balloon Decoration
  • Fairy Light Decoration
  • and many more!
You can check out our “Other Equipment” page for more information.
If you need assistant about your upcoming event, don’t hesitate to contact our professional event advisors!
We are more than happy to help.

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We now offer a full spectrum of event services, including:

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