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Havoc Festival at Plaza Angsana

Havoc Festival at Plaza Angsana

Havoc Festival at Plaza Angsana

在Plaza Angsana的#HavocFestival 上创造回忆并结交新朋友

在Plaza Angsana排名第一的美食节上享受有趣的美食和当地美食——当然,这里也是与朋友聚会或结识新朋友的好地方。

庆祝当地美食和镇上最好的街头美食。这里应有尽有, 不只是有美食, 还有华丽的舞台和吓人的鬼屋。

快来Plaza Angsana,一边享受气氛,一边享用我们美味的当地美食把!

Join the food fest #HavocFestival and discover our local dishes today! Bring your friends and get in on this spicy offer of good eats.

Come by Plaza Angsana today to taste a very special local delicacy or two. It’s #HavocFestival after all, so we’re making sure we have something for everyone. Just check in at one of our local viral street food vendor and take part in now!

#johorbahru #streetfood #event #williamexhibition

Event Details:

Date: 25th February – 27th February

Time: 12pm – 11pm

Venue: Plaza Angsana;

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