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Arabian Canopy

Arabian Canopy

Arabian canopy is a versatile and budget-friendly option for various outdoor events, such as opening ceremonies, private parties, and bazaars. With its spacious and open structure, it provides ample shade and protection from the sun or rain.

Arabian Canopy

Transparent Canopy

With a transparent canopy, your friends and family can see the details of the party inside and outside. With its luxurious design, Transparent Canopy is also a great alternative to tents and marquees.

Modular Canopy

Air-Conditioned Canopy

An air-conditioned canopy is a type of outdoor canopy that features air-conditioning units to provide a cool and comfortable environment for guests.

Marquee Tent

Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is the ideal choice for large-scale events. Its size accommodates up to 80 people, with a large open area in the middle overhead. Ideal for outdoor events and festivals, such as weddings, parties, outdoor concerts and more.

Marquee Tent

Transparent Marquee Tent

A Transparent Marquee Tent with fairy lights is the perfect addition to any outdoor event. The transparent design allows for natural light to flow in during the day while creating a magical ambiance at night with the fairy lights.

Marquee Tent

Air-Conditioned Marquee Tent

An air-conditioned marquee tent is a spacious and stylish event solution that offers maximum comfort for guests. With its elegant design and temperature-controlled environment, an air-conditioned marquee tent provides a luxurious setting for any outdoor event.


Exhibition Contractor

We provide a wide range of exhibition booth designs that are tailored to your needs and budget. Whether you're looking for a pop up display or a fully customized booth, we have you covered.


Shell Scheme Booth

Shell scheme is a cost-effective way to exhibit at events, providing a basic framework for your booth. It offers a clean and professional look, allowing you to focus on your message and presentation.


Custom Booth Design

We specialize in designing and building customized booths to your specifications, so whether you’re looking for a space-saving, or something to wow your guests, we can help you make it happen.


Carpet Installation

If you're looking for a professional carpet installation company for your next event or exhibition, look no further than our team at William Exhibition Sdn Bhd. Our experienced crew will ensure that your carpet is laid correctly and looks great, so you can focus on running a successful event.


Backdrop Design

Event organisers, businesses, or individuals can rent a backdrop panel with William Exhibition that can be used for live events, proposal or wedding. They can also customise one to fit their needs.


Stage Rental

Custom stage size according to your requirements. We use wooden panels & steel structure to ensure security and stability.

Event Equipment

Tables & Chairs

We have a large selection of excellent quality and affordable table & chairs to fit the needs of any event. We provide tables and chairs to meet any event needs and variety of selections to meet any event needs.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Gimmick

We provide a wide variety of opening gimmick available for rentals in Johor Bahru that are perfect for any event occasion and agenda. Other than the opening gimmicks that is available for rental, we also offer custom made openings gimmick that can fit your specific event needs.


Giant Helium Balloon

Customisable balloons - from 10ft, 12ft and 15ft giants to the choice of printing your company logo on the balloon! Whether you're looking for a colourful addition to your events or a unique way to advertise your business, we have the perfect balloon for you.

Event Equipment

Truss Rental

We use truss structure to install banner for specific event that requires big size banner, to ensure that banner don’t fall down. The structure is made up of steel material, and can withstand heavy loads and ensure stability and safety.

Event Equipment

We are the premier provider for event equipment rentals in the tri-state area. Our goal is to provide quality equipment for all your event needs at affordable prices. We have a wide range of products, from tents and tables to chairs and cooler fans, to suit any event requirement.


Balloon Decoration

The Balloon Decoration is a perfect way to improve the environment. It can be used for your events, roadshows, fairs, wedding or parties. You can use the balloon decoration to make the celebration more colorful and eye-catching.


Inflatable Playground

William Exhibition provides a variety of inflatable playgrounds for your events. Inflatable playgrounds are easy to install and fit most terrain. Make your kids birthday party memorable and unforgettable with our inflatable playgrounds.

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